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Electrical Fault 52 plate hyundai coupe help wanted

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:02 am
by MadMogs
Hi all, i am feeling quite the noob here and by rights i probaly am :)

I found this site or should i say i stumbled across it. i have a Hyundai coupe Gen 1 at least i think its a gen 1, its 52 plate

Okay so here is my issues.. i came out in the morning and went to start the car.. (previously had some flat batt issues) this morning it was flat as a pancake
so i took it out and stuck it on charge. got back to it later and it was all charged up.. took it out and plugged it back in and things went strange and then off

after looking around the batter i didnt see an issue.. then i noticed that the main batt fuse had popped..
bought a new battery fuse and placed it in.. after conecting the battery up again some strange things happened again and the fuse went pop again.

i dissconected all from the battery and contacted a mechanic friend i know, after explaing to him he said you've reverse charged the battery.. after checking it with a multimeter i realised that is exactly what i had done, :(

So to save time and stopped messing around i went out and bought a brand new battery and a new fuse.
i connecte them up, tried the car and she started straight up.. i got in and took her down the road about 5 miles.. nipped in to a shop for about 45 mins came out.. started her up again straight away.. drove all the way home and parked up..

i came out about 20 minutes later and went to start her again and this time she was not playing ball..
ignition came on... all lights work .. system check etc.. but Door lights dont work... clock light works but NO display.. and no blowers or air con..

so as baffled as i was i went around and checked all fuses by the leg and under the bonet. only one that was blow was the air con.. replaced it but still now air con....

so that is my issue.. if anyone can shed some light on it or even tell me a for fix it, it woudl be very much apreciated. :lol: oh and just to clarify she is a 52 plate hyundai coupe same as the silver one in sliding pictures above. Cheers in advace.

UPDATE : i have had another look at the car today and found a fuse that was eluding me, it was in yellow holder, after checking it i realised it was blown and tried a new fuse in there, once i did the door lights came on and the clock display came on. but the car still would not turn over and the blowers still wont come on. it also poped my AC fuse again as well...

Re: Electrical Fault 52 plate hyundai coupe help wanted

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:17 am
by Lucky111
Nobody here for years mate it’s a dead site