SIII Auto slow gear changes

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SIII Auto slow gear changes

Postby itChi » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:56 am

I've read that this is generally the case with the Hyundai 4 Speed Auto Gearboxes, but generally feels a bit too slow when changing gears.

In testing if you put your foot down, it will rev to about 7k rpm, and at the point where it should already have changed gears, it takes another second or so to think about it, then it shifts.
In normal driving, I'm also finding that I have to play with the throttle a bit to get it to change gears.

I've driven a manual version before, and it does feel considerably quicker then the auto, I couldn't quite believe that it's almost 2 sec slower to 60 though.

Can this be addressed by oil changes / contact cleaning that I've read on here before, or is this just normal Auto gearbox behaviour?
I'm also open to get the gearbox swapped for a different model, maybe something around the 5 / 6 speed, but I don't know of any compatible models. I know this could get expensive, so I'm prepared for around 2k maybe more if it would make enough of a difference.

Thanks in advance!
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