Head gasket or something else?? Help!!!!!

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Head gasket or something else?? Help!!!!!

Postby Flamekilleruk » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:35 pm

Hi everyone first of all big thanks to everyone on this forum its very useful to have others advice and tips.
I have a hyundai coupe 2.0 2003 model gen 3. So it begun today I was driving back home from work 5.5 mile journey as i got near my house I noticed my heater gauge went over towards the red something this cars never done before. I pulled over and checked under the bonnet it seams that coolant has burst out the top of the reserve tank I then waited a bit then carried on home again it heated up and when i opened the bonnet i could see and hear that there was lots of pressure coming from the radiator system. I refilled the radiator a little and its not over spilled since. but however its still overheating on the gauge. all the fans are kicking in fine. I can drive without the overheating if i put the heaters on it will drop down. if i turn the heaters off and put my foot down it goes over to the red and when i put the heaters on it drops down again. bare in mind now that I have no milky or gunky oil at all. and i still have all the power. just an overheating issue whats your thoughts???

Thank you :)
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