Engine Overheating - fixed Leak?

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Engine Overheating - fixed Leak?

Postby Ragamuffin » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:32 pm


I had a coolant leak about 2 days ago, I didn't realize until I saw the Temperature gauge right in the red.

I cut the car and pulled over to let it cool, replaced the hose at the side of the road and has someone turn up with more coolant to fill the car.

the car has since...still been overheating and I'm having to stop regular to let the car cool and put more coolant in the radiator, I don't know if its because it needs to bleed through the system or if the previous overheat caused damage somewhere..

The leak has definitely been fixed, its dry as a bone so I'm a bit confused whats happening here

Any advice welcome!
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