How best to deal with hvac smells in my case?

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How best to deal with hvac smells in my case?

Postby Hyunboy » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:21 pm

2006 standard coupe.

I am getting some nasty smells from the hvac system. It seem that one must try different approaches e.g spray, bombs and so on and see what works.

1. I am a highly sensitive individual with envronmental and chemical allergies. I was thinking maybe its better to remove the dash and just clean manually however I hear this is a mammoth task. Is it a big job on the coupe, will I have to remove the steering wheel?

2. If not do it manually what product and what method should I use?

Do air bombs work or do they just mask the odour? Can you recommend a product?

I read about kool it foam , however apparently it leaves a 'new car smell' for 6 months which means toxic chemicals for 6 months so I'd rather avoid it.

Can any suggest anything Im reacting to whatever smells is in the hvac so bad I cant drive. Same time my issues with sensitivites make me not want to do anything.

3. what if i spray a 50/50 white vinegar water in, I dont see any harm in trying however will he vinegar damage parts in the hvac system so better not to try?

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